Energy drink, but 100% natural.

We created the branding and visual identity of a new juice. Geisterküsse is both invigorating and healthy. Its natural ingredients are grown in organic conditions. Beetroot, ginger, lemon, honey, herbs and sesame oil blend together in this potent health supplement. Its main ingredient – beetroot – is very well known for its numerous health benefits.

It is rich in organic nitrates that lower blood pressure and elevate your exercise capacity and athletic performance. Consuming beetroot juice activates your cognitive capacity as well. It has an anti-oxidative effect on your organism, and drinking beetroot juice contributes to long-term prevention of chronic diseases.


The hero ingredients.

These ingredients fortify your immune system, warm up your physical abilities, and enhance your mental flow. Also, they reduce tiredness and fatigue of the organism, support a healthy

sleep cycle, and boost your cognitive and mental performance. They positively affect concentration, learning, memory and reasoning.


Four marks of well-being.

Every benefit Geisterküsse stands for is transformed into one of these four signs. Energy, focus, immunity, persistence. To remind us that all the power we need comes from nature.


Bottle concept

We designed Geisterküsse’s bottle without a sticker. All the information you need is printed directly on the glass.