Genera Christmas care package

Genera Group, a pharma-manufacturer in Croatia, has a portfolio that includes human medicines, animal health and plant protection products.


Through their Christmas care package for veterinarians across the region, they aspired to communicate that strength comes from being different. They asked us to develop more than just a corporate calendar and stationery.


We created a fable in calendar format, a comical tale making a moral point about human nature through animal characters.


It’s the story of an American Stafford that believes that being different starts with questioning the idea others have of you. It builds connections with others different from your kin. It’s a message of courage – the courage to fail and then try again.


Since their primary goal is to educate the general public through their brand and sell only the best honey, we could not resist but to help them share the buzz…

Genera Christmas card
Along with the Christmas care package, we created an animation where Genera’s new company face deals with different kinds of challenges while attempting to relax.