Putna is the Croatian name for that last drink you grab before taking off from the bar. But more often than not, you follow your last bottle with just another last bottle. And then, another.

Our beer celebrates this mischievous idea. The savoury and bitter American Pale Ale packs a good punch. And the packaging follows the flavour. Putna’s red-white-black colours are in-your-face, just like its drawing style.


The crisp white label is pen-dotted with a ragtag bunch of misfits. Running and staying at the same time. Oh, the duality of a man! One half of them is relaxing and lounging at a bar. While the other half has their feet tangled in a sweeping hurry.

The word Putna repeats itself all around the label, just like the rounds of “putna” repeat when you’re having a blast. After all, who could resist just another round of a refreshingly zesty ale like this?