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AI photo recognition that sorts things even you can’t recognize

Njuškalo is the top classified ads website in Croatia. It boasts over 500 000 ads, sorted into 1400 categories. Sounds like a nightmare to sort through them all, doesn’t it? That’s why Njuškalo became the first classifieds website with photo recognition. When placing an ad, you just need to submit a picture and Njuškalo’s AI will automatically sort your ad into the right final category. No more clicking through options and sub-options.

Njuškalo needed to present the app on Days of Communication, the largest communications industry festival in the Adriatic region. So we made a case study for them, from the ground up. Showing the simplicity of the app in both percentages and simple visualization with examples that present how easy its use is. The app ended up getting the Best Tech Innovation award, proving it really made changes in the industry.

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