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Take the boring out of form filling

Casting our lead

We made an animated film that shows a modern character that has no time for boring, and loves how tech makes his life easier. We looked for a character to fit the role of this user who wants to make his life effortless and knows how to do it through technology. A millennial. Customers love mobility and ease of use.

BlinkID can be used anywhere. You can step out of the sea after a good swim and into your banking experience. It would be weird to do old-school banking half-naked like this. But BlinkID wouldn’t mind even if you do your banking from a nudist beach.

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Going global

Microblink displayed the video at the MWC Barcelona, Money 20/20, and other conferences to show companies they can make customer experience effortless while giving flawless data input.

Microblink improved our lives before we even met them. And we were happy to provide them with a solution that improved theirs.
It felt great giving back.

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