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Producing a good TV first impression for a new digestive gel

Enterosgel is an innovative intestinal absorbent in the form of a gel. In case of allergies, nausea, dermatitis or diarrhea, take the gel with a spoon or dissolve it in water and drink up. As it passes through your digestive system, it selectively binds toxins, allergens, and pathogens. It absorbs all the bad bacteria it finds along the way but leaves your natural intestinal flora alone. This kind of medicinal product isn’t all that usual. It sounds quirky and new. Customers with stomachache wouldn’t ask their pharmacist for a gel to help them get better. They’re used to pills and syrups.

So Enterosgel asked us to help beat this challenge and become recognizable on the market. We had to introduce it and get it closer to people. We did that by creating a TV campaign that shows both the toxins and the remedy in a quirky, fun way that quickly grows on you, and communicates how the gel works in a dynamic and witty animation.

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