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Smile for the camera and cash out —
no credit cards needed

Have you ever found yourself at the register, tapping your pockets in search of the wallet you left in your other pants, while the line behind you got increasingly grumpy? Infinum and HPB created a banking solution for all forgetful shoppers, and those who don’t like carrying their cards around all the time. The new e-Cash option on HPB’s mobile app lets you draw cash through fingerprint or face ID. From now on, the only things you need at the ATM are your smartphone and a dashing selfie.

Infinum needed a case study to present e-Cash on festivals, so they came to us for a solution. Summer vacation was right around the corner, when most of us faced the age-old dilemma: leave your wallet at the apartment, or take it out on the beach? We showed how e-Cash solves this and every other wallet problem. This summer, you can leave your wallet at home and still buy all the ice cream you want.

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