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A leader in communication focusing on user feedback

Today, technology is our bond with the world. From flatmates to long-distance partners, we all talk through signals, waves, and pixels. We craft a whole digital life next to our own.

Telecommunication providers strive to make our connected way of living smoother, tighter, faster. That’s why Vipnet, now A1 Croatia, tailored an app by following customer feedback to the finest detail.

The new and improved customer-centered app

A1 is a leader in customer experience. Through 2017, they refined their processes, streamlined features, and implemented them in an innovative app. Their numbers grew, along with user satisfaction. Now, they wanted to show these results.

The app puts customers in the center of everything. A1, still Vipnet at the time, needed a narrative that embodies this idea, and communicates it to both an internal and external audience.

Flexible production

We designed the animated film in parallel with the final stages of the app’s development. We got together with former Vipnet’s team and weaved the story of the film, just as they were wrapping up the app’s final features. This made it possible for them to use the film the moment the app was all polished and ready to launch.

Designing a human-centered universe

The app is everything a citizen of the digital world needs. It gives you the power to view, manage, and customize your digital life. From tracking bills and expenses to handling your data and account, everything is personalized and simplified.

To understand what all these features mean to the final customer, we sat down with their team and defined the communication together.

First, we rounded up all the details they needed to communicate, that were vital for achieving their stellar results. Then, we put them into a context that tells a compelling story.

We navigated our writing process through their knowledge of customer habits, quirks, and preferences. In a way, the animation was shot through the lens of the user, as we directed everything to follow their perspective.

Inspiring user satisfaction

While deciding on the visual style, we turned to the most distinctive parts of the client’s identity. We built from basic elements and played around with them, deriving new shapes and color combinations as tools to tell our story. “We’ve built this whole illustrated world, inhabited by avatars of their customers, from a simple scale of color and abstract shapes”, says Stjepan, our creative producer.

A stream of motion and color

While composing the storyboard, we were guided by the idea of an interconnected world. We wanted to strengthen it, highlight it, not only through the story but through art direction, too. Scenes seamlessly flow one into another, connected through motives that transfer from one shot to the next, creating the effect of an almost-one-shot film.

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Everything is in your hands

Hands were a leitmotif that propelled the story and built on Vipnet’s ongoing campaign at the time: “Everything is in your hands”.
Our film showed that now every user has customer service in their back pocket.

They displayed the video on various conferences and presented it in international communication. Their PR department used it as a showcase of the massive progress they’ve made, and the extent they’d go for their customer’s smile.

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