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You can’t keep up with all the sports, but your best shot is here

Sport fans love to stay in the loop with their favorite teams, but life often gets in the way. Meetings, classes, family dinners, dates, they all leave fans without a screen to watch the game, itching to know who’s on the winning side. But there is a solution that helps them celebrate every score. Sofascore is a live results app that covers 22 sports ranging from football, basketball, and tennis to snooker, bandy, and cricket. It gives fans instant updates on games, live scores and advanced statistical ratings. Through Sofascore, they can keep tabs on their favorite players, learn about their history, discover strengths and weaknesses. It gives fans the power to be deep in the game, anywhere they are.

The app already has a community of over 15 million sport lovers. But the team behind Sofascore wanted to bring the app closer to the whole range of fans. They needed to present it on app stores to appeal both to casuals and die-hards. That’s where we stepped in. We animated an app store video for Sofascore, showing off the variety of sports it covers, and the span of its stats and ratings. After the video’s release, the app’s download rate spiked in specific markets. On Facebook alone, the video reached more than 110 000 views in a couple of days. Now even more fans can keep an eye on the ball, even when they can’t see it.

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